Say The Line, Bart!

Haim Steinbach, pop art I-2, 1990, plastic laminated shelf, latex Bart Simpson mask on mount, four ceramic breast mugs, 45 inches high, being sold [again] at Phillips on March 8

The first thing is obviously that Haim Steinbach really has this one thing nailed. The second is the visceral resonance of the yellow of the shelf and the yellow of the Bart Simpson mask.
The third thing is this seller at Phillips bought this at Phillips in 2007, so in addition to imagining the 17 years of fascinated engagement this object must have yielded, there’s also a comfort in the circularity of life.
The fourth thing is that in the not so far off future, a latex conservator will be getting a call, and will be forced to reflect on how her years of dedication to the work of Eva Hesse has really brought her to this point. Have your condition report ready.

8 Mar 2024, Lot 194 Haim Steinbach, pop art I-2, 1990, est GBP 15-20,000, same as last time [UPDATE: sold for £12,700, a £10,000 bid, nearly £25,000 lower than it was purchased for. I would not call that a loss, just the price of enjoying living with this beautiful artwork, surely it was worth every farthing.] [phillips]