The First Shall Be Last

the “be the first to know” pop-up that popped up just as I was about to screenshot the header image on the exhibition page for Richard Serra’s 2022 show of 2022 at David Zwirner

“His work titled 2022, a single forged steel round, which he placed in the center of our 20th Street gallery in the spring of 2022, was his last realized sculpture. The experience of exhibiting this work, which to me felt like a sort of closing statement, is unforgettable. It’s hard to overstate what we are all losing with his passing.”

Used to be that people would race to the comments to be the first one to post “First!” Not sure why this quote from David Zwirner’s heartfelt email announcing the death of Richard Serra two days after it was on the front page of the New York Times made me think of that, since that is clearly not what’s happening here.

Richard Serra: Six Large Drawings [none new, apparently] opens at David Zwirner London on 9 Apr 2024 [davidzwirner]