How To Frame A Titian Protips

First, get a Titian, and ten bottles of wine.

Titian, Rest on the Flight Into Egypt, oil on canvas on panel, around 1510-15? basically 46×63 cm, selling on 2 July 2024 at Christie’s London

Christie’s is selling a rare, early Titian that belonged to the Marquesses of Bath next month for £15-25m, frame sold separately:

Please note that this lot is displayed in a loan Venetian sixteenth-century carved and gilded cassetta frame from Arnold Wiggins & Sons, which is not being sold with the picture, but could be acquired separately. Please ask the department for further details about this and the picture’s original frame, which can be viewed on request.

Now, the Titian was stolen in 1995, and recovered at a bus stop seven years later, so maybe the frame’s seen some stuff, which is fine. The point is, though, maybe I don’t get behind enough 500-year-old paintings, but this Titian is mounted into its loaner frame with the corks from like ten bottles of wine, and I love it.

I think there is literally wine on the one on the upper right. Someone was putting in the work.