Juneteenth Update From Hammons America Street

Hammons America Street, January 2023

I thought it’d be nice to commemorate Juneteenth with a photo of David Hammons’ African American Flag flying over his public art installation, America Street, commissioned in 1991 as part of the Spoleto Festival in Charleston, SC, and preserved through the efforts of local community members. [The piece was installed on a vacant lot owned by the city.]

But the flag, which has been replaced over the years, is missing from the latest Google Street View image, taken all the way back in January 2023.

Hammons America Street, August 2019

Was GSV working from home during the pandemic? Because the next most recent image is only from August 2019, and it shows a flag with stripes so faded they could almost pass as white. [sic] Which may mean the last replacement flag was the one imaged in Jan. 2017?

What’s the word on America Street now, Charlestonians? Has the flag been replaced in the last 18 months?