Tom Ford’s Ando Jurd Chairs

if that stall door is 46 in., those chairs are 23 in., but actual Judd chairs are 30 in., so… image: Kevin Bobolsky Group

I am not going to engage in the Tadao Ando weirdness going on all over California, of which Ian Parker’s New Yorker article focuses only on the most ridiculous and collapsing epicenter. But it all did make me look again at Ando’s work for Tom Ford’s ranch outside Santa Fe.

Which, it turns out after Ford sold the 20,000-acre ranch with the Ando house, horse barn, and indoor & outdoor riding arenas in 2021, the buyer put it back on the market in 2022. It’s still for sale. [update: I don’t think this arc is correct. Many reports that the ranch, put up for sale in 2016, pricechopped in 2019, and sold in 2021, but the Tom Ford ranch Fred Haas put up for sale in 2022 is another one, a house built on 1,000 acres that once belonged to Ford. And yet Bobolsky still has the Ando ranch looking like it’s available.]

You must admit they do look rather Juddish. image: kevinbobolskygroup

But none of that is as important as the Juddy little stools outside each of the horse stalls. If plywood KimK’s Jurd chairs were too plywood and janky, these seem too thick and pristine. Plus, I think the dimensions are off. The filename on the realtor’s site is still “TF-Ranch,” but what are they, and who made them?

Cerro Pelon Ranch []

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