On finding a hot saint to be your (first or multiple concurrent) spouse; On what to wear to the big event

Souvenirs from Utah: (NOTE: These are some finds from a weekend in Utah. Not related to any current film project, they’re bonuses, the equivalent of a tub of CoolWhip for the bowl of fruit salad that is the rest of the site.)

  • hotsaints.com (“Chase and be chaste.”), an online personals site for (hot) single members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, who are thick as fiddlers around these here parts.
  • 3coins.com (“not legal in BC Canada. . .but – not illegal ?”): “A polygamy plural relationship website for women seeking a ‘Sisterwife.'” Best piece of advice, especially for those polygamy-minded newbies out there: “Don’t mail letters to a polygamy site from the computer at your work place. You will be caught.”
  • “Modest Bridal, Modest Proms, Modest Prices”: For after your successful foray onto one of the preceding sites. On a billboard near Provo.