On Hawaii. (No, not about Hawaii, On Hawaii. OK, maybe a little bit about Hawaii, too)

On the road: On the sea, actually. I guess it’s reassuring to get complaints about this site, at least when they’re about the recent paucity of postings. We’re in Hawaii, a conference/vacation at an
insane resort. Like Ben Stiller’s Mel in Flirting With Disaster, we’re not not “B&B people.” Somewhat unsurprisingly, we’re not “Take-a-monorail-to-swim-with-the-dolphins-before-the-authentic-luau-Resort people,” either. [Here is a live webcam. I can attest that it looks just like that right now.] While we’re actually sleeping at a slightly lower-key part of the complex, the conference (and the wireless networks) are all at the veritable Ka’aba of leisure.
Anyway, there’s much writing to be done, but screen technology being what it is, that’d mean staying indoors most of the time, so we’ll see. So if you’re upset at the infrequency of my posts, this week may be a good time to browse the archives, explore the projects, look up some references to films or artists, or to get away from the computer altogether and kill a little time outside. Mahalo