Oh, Canada!

Working on the Animated Musical, which is humming right along, thanks. There’s a whole Canada thing in the script, which keeps me on edge a bit. Some puppet-wielding treehuggers may blame South Park for depleting Canada’s natural comedy resources, but I’m sorry. When I stare into the deep comedic wells of the whole Canada Concept, I get as giddy as a moose-stepping Republican in the Arctic. Bumperstickers flash before my eyes: Faster, Fat Cat! Drill! Drill! and Fill up my SUV–with cheap laughs!. Ahem.
Twas ever thus, at least as far back as Steve Martin’s 1974 debut TV special, “The Funnier Side of Eastern Canada”:
Some guy John’s Canada parody of Apple’s “Switch” Ad? Funny.
The Molson “I AM Canadian” ad it dovetails so well with? Funny.
CBC’s Larry Sanders-like series, The Newsroom? Not just funny, but Canada Funny (think “Minnesota Nice”).
Suck’s early-and-often Canada-bashing? Very Funny.
South Park? Dude.