the old Blogger Directory

  • the old Blogger Directory description for is now being beamed to the whole world in Google’s search results.
  • the servers are lightning-fast, and they’ll time you out faster’n a poorly implemented Verizon webmail service.
  • I’m #11. After vanquishing that Axis of GregEvil, Supergreg, Dharma’s buddy was my personal Afghanistan. It follows, then, that Greg the (cancelled) Bunny’s my Iraq; I will thus achieve first page placement, and according to the tenets of my Greg Security Strategy, Louganis (aka my Iran) will be the next to fall. All the writer or musician Gregs will join me, or demonstrate their irrelevance (aka 21-30). Finally, the stage will be set for ArmaGregon, where Greg Allen (Mormon filmmaker) and Greg Olsen (Mormon inspirational painter) face off for Gregworld domination. As Bush said, “we know Google is not neutral between them.”
    Of course, it’s entirely possible that, after “winning” this war, I find it’s not at all the victory I had in mind. Who knows, dominating Google’s “greg” search results to become a well-regarded filmmaker may be as misguided as, say, invading Iraq to bring peace and security to the world.