What GoogleBlogger Means To ME

When I rule the world, or at least the greg search on Google
  • The old Blogger Directory description I wrote for greg.org is now being beamed to the world in Google search results.
  • BloggerPro server response is lightning-fast.
  • Somehow, login timeouts are even faster, meaning you can’t write a single paragraph before getting dumped. solution: stop writing in paragraphs. Alternate solution use a weblog editor app like wbloggar instead.
  • I’m #11. Supergreg and Dharma’s Greg have both fallen quicker than an Afghan/Taliban frontline. Greg the (cancelled) Bunny, I’m comin’ for you next. You’re my own personal Iraq, and your spot on the first search result page’ll soon be mine. Greg’s Webworx, you’re my North Korea, what with all your reciprocal links and massmailings and such. Your days are numbered.
    Note to all the writer and musician Gregs clinging to 1-10 power: If you read my recently declassified Greg Security Strategy, you know I’ll let nothing stop me from being #1. The choice is yours: link to me, or make yourselves irrelevant. Drop your sites to at least 15, preferably 21-30.
    Then, the stage will be set for the great battle of ArmaGregon, the New and the Old, the future and the past: Greg Allen, Mormon filmmaker takes on Greg Olsen, Mormon inspirational painter. The prize: Gregworld domination. I remind you of Bush’s words, “Google is not neutral between them.”
    Cool. Now I have a wrong-headed war to fight, too. I only hope being Google’s #1 Greg is as grand a victory as taking over Iraq.