I have a friend at the MPAA

The folks at artblog were going through their trash and found my article on the unsanctioned trading of video art screener tapes. They were upset about my outing Chris Hughes, the Pamela and the Richard Kramlich of screeners. “Who benefits [from exposing and shutting this nice guy down]? Not the public, certainly” they criticized.
They kindly posted my response. I don’t think screener tapes automatically harm video art or artists; net net, they help spread the art’s influence and impact. I still feel that writing about this practice was a good thing, and good things have come from it.
Then I see Jack Valenti, picking yet another misleading, irrational and disingenuous fight against the evil VCR by banning screener tapes, and I worry. I worry that maybe, just maybe, could the screener tape seed have been planted by my article? After all, I worry, I have a friend at the MPAA.