Also in the Times, or You Flog ‘Em, I Blog ‘Em

1. “A Past of Fear and Pain for First-Time Filmmaker”: Dear Vadim Perelman, if you really don’t want people to know about your pseudo-criminal past, don’t put it in your press kit and chat up The New York Times about it.
2. Ruth La Ferla’s favor-repaying article asks how hot the trend of men’s jewelry is. The answer? v.v.v. hot, if you ask the right people. Like, for example, men’s jewelry store owners, men’s jewelry designers, an industry newsletter, and the editors of two soon-to-launch men’s shopporn mags.
Still wonder if it’s just a phase? Well, how about the jewelry designer’s husband, “a dapper hedge fund manager who rarely leaves the house without his platinum wedding ring, wide as a cigar band.” [“Honey, I’m just going for a long walk, um, through the East Village without my wedding ring. Don’t wait up.”]
Subtext? “‘The word metrosexual is not going to appear in this article, is it?’ [the mercifully Google-proof] David Matthews asked, his voice rising warily. For good reason [since the Style Section outed you mets in the first place.]” See Gawker for Details recent metrosexual re-closeting.]