Film Club

David Edelstein’s hosting Slate’s Film Club, and it’s as entertaining as reading long emails could possibly be. While you could keep reading all week to see what new fabric these five critics can weave from the threads of last year’s films, I’m sticking around to see if the Voice‘s J. Hoberman gets picked to be on Martha Stewart’s jury. [I non-watched Runaway Jury on the plane back from LA. Dustin Hoffman, John Cusack, Gene Hackman, but I’d never heard a peep about it; when did it come out? A rhetorical question, because I so don’t care.]
Anyway, Vogue‘s Sarah Kerr coined a term for the huge crop of formulaic movies, including indies I’ve long since lost my sense of obligation to see, merely because they’re indies: Situation Tragedies. I like it. I mean, I hate it.