New Yorker Stalking: Hilton Als’ Slate Diary

New Yorker staff writer Hilton Als is doing the diary at Slate this week. So far it’s mostly a New-York-is-Hollywood fabulous account of his screenwriting projects, with a little a lot of stroking. On Monday, while despairing reading Peter Biskind’s Down and Dirty Pictures, Als laments, “I feel as if I’ve lived through the Miramax years without ever taking a meeting with Harvey.” But by today, he’s gushing about dinner with Tilda Swinton at Odeon. (Hilton! You’re still livin’em, honey!)
Related: Passerby has started showing films by Derek Jarman (an early Swinton collaborator) on Monday nights at 9PM. Screenings in March and April may include appearances by other Jarmanites, so stay tuned for details.
Weird triangulation: the bartender/partner once wrote a Slate journal about a “Mormon art collector’s wedding party” at Passerby.