Big News About WTC Memorial: Feh

There was a day when a story like “Architectural Team Is Chosen for Trade Center Memorial” would be frontpage news.
And there was a day when an LMDC statement like “[Building the memorial]’ would also likely require removal of some remnants of the former W.T.C.'” would set off alarm bells all over, seeing as how there are very few actual remnants left.
And there was a day when a lengthy article in the Times castigating Daniel Libeskind’s Jewish Museum as a theme park of facile, emotionally manipulative kitsch–and a functional failure as a museum–would ignite a firestorm of debate.
That day is not today.
[Michael Kimmelman casts his critique as a cautionary tale for New York; but like belated credulous investigative journalism about WMD claims, this stuff would’ve been nice to hear before we got lured into Libeskind’s quagmire.]