Jon Routson, they’re coming for YOU

Police arrest 2 under new ‘anti-camcording’ law
15 Apr 2004 10:07am EDT – By Jesse Hiestand
The MPAA announced Wednesdaythe first arrests under a new California law targetting movie pirates who use camcorders in theaters. Min Jae Joun was arrested on suspicion of violating the anti-camcording law after theater personnel saw a red light from his camcorder during an April 10 screening of The Passion of the Christ at the Pacific Theatre at the Grove in Los Angeles. Joun’s next hearing date is May 5 in Los Angeles’ central arraignment court. Also arrested on suspicion of the misdemeanor charge was Ruben Centeno Moreno, who allegedly recorded The Alamo on April 12 at the Pacific Winnetka Theatre in the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles. A projectionist observed a light from the video camera and confirmed it using night-vision goggles, according to the MPAA. No hearing date has been set yet for Moreno. [via IMDb]

If you can actually tell me which of the three highlighted parts of this story is the craziest, I’ll paypal you a dollar.
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