Bill Murray at BAM

If you’re planning to bumrush Bill Murray tonight at BAM to pitch him your 12-page script [“INT – ASSISTANT GREENSKEEPER’S HOUSE – NIGHT”], you’re a bigger chump than your ex said you were: it was Tuesday.
Don’t worry, you can still send a message “to” Bill at The Bill Murray Message Board, “just in case that actor ever visits this site”:

Date: 2/12/2004 – 9:42 PM
Name: Mickey
Comments : I am, at this moment, watching you on Letterman. and was very touched by your “psychic pull” remark re: your six children. I, admittedly, teared up as you said it – I have two children. (& love them dearly a good part of the time.) However, we are feeling that the psychic pull is more of a HAUNTING as our son enters young adulthood. I think boys should be banned! Girls are moodier and in a much more “in your face mode” but manageable. My question is, how can our 20 year old son and his two roommates generate a $400.00 cable bill for one month? We live in Vermont – not frickin’ L.A.. Please do not reply. I have had two glasses of Kendall Jackson and have NEVER before posted a message to a board/chatroom (cmpd wd?)My husband is out of town and I am just exercising a wild hair.

[4/21 Update: Check Joey’s play-by-play account of BAM’s Bill and Elvis Show at Tale of Two Cities. The line TOTC’s been waiting his whole life to hear from Jim Jarmusch (“It was so much fun getting Bill in a room with RZA and GZA.”) does absolutely nothing for me. I now feel very very stupid.]