Cinderella Story

The classic “Cinderella story” speech from Caddyshack was written as an interstitial camera shot…Ramis took Murray aside and said, “When you’re playing sports, do you everjust talk to yourselflike you’re the announcer?”
Murray said, “Say no more,” and did his monologue in one take.
– Tad Friend’s great piece on Harold Ramis in the New Yorker.

When [I] asked about “the whole ‘Cinderella story’ from Caddyshack and that shot of Bill golfing under Mt. Fuji,” Sofia didn’t register. “I never saw it.”
Buy Caddyshack on DVD and carry it around with you. Give it –and a stern talking to–to Sofia Coppola when you see her.
Buy Murray’s book, titled–you guessed it–Cinderella Story: My Life in Golf. [Or don’t, if the “See Inside!” excerpt is any indication.]