Because she’s done such a great job with her own kids

Kathy Hilton is getting a reality TV show. She’ll teach some young bumpkins what they really need to do to get head. A head. Ahead in NYC. How to please a man. Manhattan. How to please Manhattan Society.
Bob Morris’s Style section piece is so breezily damning, she’ll probably think it’s good and have it framed. Or not. After all, “Her friends say she is smarter than she appears.”
“Anyone who knows Kathy Hilton (and many society women do), knows she has always taken the job of being a parent seriously,” writes Morris, who accompanied Hilton home from Cipriani, where she attended an afternoon fur fashion show. “Back in the lobby of the Waldorf Towers, she ran smack into her son Conrad, 10, in soccer gear.
“‘Hi Conrad,’ she said. ‘How was the game?'”
Yes, she’s a profound influence on her children. And she’ll share her secrets with you–this fall on NBC!
[update: if you’re a hillbilly with more back hair than than shame, get yourself over to the audition at Tavern on the Green, “where we’ve replaced the washed up publicity whores they normally serve with Kathy Hilton!” Thanks, Gawker.]