Interpol Short Film Contest

If it’s too late for you to get the money and the inspiration for your short film from Nike–and it is–try Interpol. Matador Records will “fund” ten short films “inspired by the music and aesthetic of the band.” I put “fund” in quotes because they’re only ponying up $1,000, so no tsunamis flooding midtown.
First, write a treatment, put a storyboard together, shoot a demo or a trailer, whatever you need to explain what you want to do. Get it to Matador by July 5th.
The band will personally choose the ten treatments that “most interestingly embody the spirit of their music in the cinematic form.” The only restrictions: 1)if you use music, it can only be from the clip of the new song they provide, and 2) NO MUSIC VIDEO. Oh, and “help us out of the corner we’ve painted ourselves into” “Black is not the only color.”
Details are all at Matador’s site, where you can also watch Interpol’s music videos–remember, NO MUSIC VIDEO–by Doug Aitken and Christopher Mills. [via The Fold Drop]
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