Greeneland Travelogue

The British Film Institute’s NFT just started a Graham Greene film program(me) as part of their Crime Scene series. Greene cast a strong shadow over British film and film noir.
The series includes a preview of a new BBC documentary by Frederick Baker about the making of Graham’s greatest cinematic achievement, The Third Man. Shadowing The Third Man tells stories of Orson Welles’ on-location “shenanigans” to get more money, and, oddly, projects scenes from the original film “onto the very walls and spaces where it was shot.”
I don’t get it, but it’s listed as a UK-France-Japan production. If that means NHK, take a pillow: the hook for their soporific Kurosawa documentary was a totally content-free stunt reunion of Kurosawa actors and crew, which was no doubt crucial to greenlighting the film. [via Kultureflash]