White House Production Notes: Summer Blockbuster Edition

From: Scott Sforza, Head of Production, White House Studios
To: Karl Rove, CEO,
RE: Summer Schedule
As requested, sir, an update on this summer’s production/release schedule. It’s filling out quite nicely, and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind it’ll go well. That said, it IS a lot of work for one man. I would ask you again to rethink the NO INTERNS policy; we could really use an extra hand down here.
The Sidekick/Mentor/Villain is still causing trouble, and not testing well, either. We could finesse recasting, no problem. First, though, I recommend The Gyllenhaal Strategy: float the idea of replacing him with look-alike for the sequel. Looking good in a uniform‘s nice, but remember: we can always stuff a sock in the jumpsuit. We just need someone with a temper who knows his way around a combover. And who can swear like an oilman. [via boifromtroy]
Release date for the ‘Foreign Production’: It’s exciting to hear we’re buying the rights to a new war picture, even if sellthrough on the last one is underperforming in both domestic and foreign. Still, I have some serious reservations about the release date–“the 26, 27 or 28 of July”??
I’m know this has serious tentpole potential, but HAVE WE EVEN SEEN THE ROUGH CUT? With all due respect to the many studio execs who came back from the set saying, “This is great stuff!” and “It’ll be done on time, no problem!” I’d feel more comfortable if we had some people in the editing room for this. Never mind, I’m told it’s being taken care of. Sorry. I still have that “They’ll shower us with flowers” song stuck in my head. [via Talkingpointsmemo]
The Broadway Musical: What can I say, it’s costing more than we budgeted. I still don’t understand why we couldn’t shoot this in Toronto instead. The unions are whining, surprise surprise. Can’t wait for that scene in the sequel where we ship’em all of to Gitmo. haha. Bloomberg’s dealing with the leafblower-extortionists on the set problem, though. Sending them to the park or something. The “extras” are ready, and we’ll have a fleet of Prius’s ready to shuttle anyone who wants to see Hairspray, undetected. The set will look fabulous.