Blogging From Inside Project Greenlight

Art director Scott Smith is a directing finalist on the third season of Project Greenlight. He’s keeping a weblog of his experience over at agency Coudal Partners, whose new slogan is either “we put the ‘cou’ in cool,” or “no, our stylesheet’s not broken.”
The weblog may go on for weeks, or, if he gets dinged, it may end tomorrow. For Smith’s sake, I kind of hope he takes a clean second, earning enough recognition to get a real deal, without having to put up with all the documentary shenanigans. Besides, the two Greenlight movies to date have done about as well as Ben Affleck’s latest gigs. [Maybe it’s Kevin, not Scott, Smith, that needs Chris Moore’s brand of tough producer love.]
Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go over here and burns some Triggerstreet bridges…