New Docu joins Three Kings for theatrical re-release

With the sole exception of South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, no movie has provided as dead-on accurate a depiction of war as David O. Russell’s Three Kings. Now, in an example of cautious “I told you so” prophecy-checking, Russell is co-directing a documentary that revisits aspects of his 1999 film about the first Gulf War.
Sharon Waxman reports that the $180,000 film is being rushed out for both a new DVD and an unusual theatrical re-release of the original film.
In collaboration with with Juan Carlos Zaldivar and Tricia Regan, Russell interviews Iraqi refugee extras from Three Kings (which was shot in California and Mexico, not the mideast, btw) and veterans of both GWI and II. In at least one life-imitates-art moment, a soldier who got the nickname “Clooney” for his involvement last year in attempted looting from Saddam’s hoards of cash.
I probably shouldn’t even link to the old DVD at this point, but in case they replace the good commentary tracks…
Partying with David O. Russell