Photos from Japan, with apologies to Lightningfield, Bluejake, et al


Unsurprisingly, next to this store, which I dubbed, “Jen,” was a food court where you could buy a sweetened crepe with bananas, gelato, custard, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and powdered sugar.


This ramshackle building was next to our Circle K. I didn’t think much of it until we walked by it at night, when it was open, and the upstairs was hopping.
The next day, looking at its inventive, case study-like I-beam construction from across the street, I came to like it.


From the two’s-a-trend dept., one morning I saw these inexplicable arrangements of water bottles, as if a Niihama has a guerilla-style Tony Feher.


A typical residential street in Niihama. 95 degrees, 90% humidity, trying to find shade under powerlines and bonsai trees.