RNC Thugz Videomakers Found, Speak

f-newyork.jpgMission Accomplished (aka f***newyork, the name of the .mov file) was the hi-larious (so true, though, we’re only laughing on the outside) video of a gang of private school wiggaz telling it like it was about the RNC takeover of the city.
While the rest of the world just sat back and laughed at it, the folks at hip hop music tracked down the film’s creators, writer Sam Marks and director Max Rockatansky (aka Matt Lenski) for an interview. It’s great stuff, even if they do use the N-word. And the F-word. And a bunch of other words. A lot.
The Guys Behind the F***NewYork Video [hiphopmusic.com]
Google “f***newyork.mov”, but not with asterisks to find the file.
[via Anil]