Iceland: The Next Canada

No, that doesn’t mean they’re now recruiting Bush dodgers. It means they’re promoting the country as an up-and-coming alternative location for film production. Here’s a partial list of benefits to shooting in Iceland:

  • At least four months a year, you don’t have to shoot “day for night”.
  • Another four months, there’s 18 hours of sunlight.
  • You remember how Tribeca was just starting out, and you’d always see Bobby taking meetings at Tribeca Grill? Reykjavik’s like that, except that it’s Sigurjon Sighvatssonn.
  • On the weekend, the whole place parties like rockstars.
  • Fewer Bjork sightings than shooting in Brooklyn.
  • You can scout a location one day, and when you go to shoot the next, it’s gone. Something about the weather. [wtf?]
  • Whatever. Iceland will rebate 12% of your in-country production costs, and without demanding a part for their new wife.
    In Iceland, Freeze Frame Takes on New Meaning [NYT]
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