More Arrests in Van Gogh Killing; Big Funeral Planned

In addition to the shooter/stabber, Dutch police and intelligence officials have arrested eight other men ages 19-26 in connection with the murder of filmmaker Theo Van Gogh. Several of them had been detained before in terrorism-related investigations.
Meanwhile, the man caught at the scene is being questioned for terrorist ties; he reportedly had a testament with him, “indicating he anticipated being killed in the attack.”
Both politicians and the Dutch public are agitated over what may be the country’s first incident of Islamic terrorism. The AP reports a public cremation is being planned Tuesday for Van Gogh, which seems like a pretty showy sendoff. Should placate the Hindus, though. [According to Dutch news, he talked widely about having a big funeral party in case any of his numerous death threats panned out.]
See the map of Linnaeusstraat in eastern Amsterdam where Van Gogh was killed. []
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Van Gogh bereidde weken geleden eigen uitvaart voor []