Working Title: Le Corbusier via Pierre Huyghe at Harvard

The debut live performance of Pierre Huyghe’s puppet opera was last week at Harvard’s Carpenter Center, Le Corbusier’s only building in the US.
While it’s not quite a review, Ann Wilson Lloyd’s report in the Times gives more details of the production/exhibition, which runs through April 2005.
The synopsis: it’s Team America: World Police meets Adaptation meets My Architect.
Says Huyghe,

“I found myself in the same position as Le Corbusier,” he said recently, “of someone invited to do a project and formalize it in a specific context. I felt overwhelmed by the conditions of this predefined context. Then I found this book by Sekler and Curtis, and I realized it was a parallel situation. The difficulty in coming up with an idea became the idea.”

A Puppet Opera at Harvard Channels Le Corbusier [NYT]
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