All I Want For Christmas Is Stanley Kubrick’s Lens

In order to shoot interior scenes of Barry Lyndon entirely by candlelight, Stanley Kubrick had two extremely fast Zeiss photo lenses from NASA custom-adapted for a motion picture camera. There is a third Zeiss lens in existence, un-Kubricized, and Justin at Chromogenic would like it for Christmas, please. With a Nikon mount.
I don’t know if Justin has been naughty or nice, but he’s sure gotta be nicer than Vincent Gallo, who had–and tried to sell on ebay–another lens Kubrick had custom-built for Barry Lyndon, an Angenieux 20-to-1 zoom.
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Buy it and make something good with it [ on gallo]
Two Special Lenses for “Barry Lyndon,” by Ed diGiulio (President, Cinema Products Corp.) [American Cinematographer, via Visual Memory]