Why Greggy Can’t Read

So I’ve been writing a few pieces for The New York Times lately, which is great, but I can’t read them. Or almost any stories at the nytimes.com site, for that matter. Whenever I click on a NYT link, the login screen pops up, then refuses to log me in because my browser (Mozilla) doesn’t accept cookies.
The problem first popped up [sic] a few months ago when the Times hired a Utah research/survey firm to monitor user activity via their own cookies, which were rejected by my Moz “accept cookies only from the originating server” restrictions.
But lately, even after I thought I’d already laid back and thought of England, cookie-wise, I’ve still been rejected. Turns out that I still had the “cookies expire after 90 days” setting , and the Times wanted to place one 6-month, three 1-year, and one 10-year cookie in my browser.
To which I can only say, “Um, yes ma’am?”