Nerd Fight!

American Dad sounds like The Family Guy newly converted to Atkins.
Making lemonade out of an assignment to review Fox’s lame-sounding new series, Alessandra Stanley decides to start throwing concussion grenades into the world of animated comedy she apparently knows nothing about, just to watch the nerds scramble out and attack:

  • Is there any crueller insult to a comic than, “It was funnier the first hundred times Leno did it”?
  • About The Simpsons: “in its 16th year and still as fresh and manically witty as ever.”
  • American Dad‘s jokes are dated, unlike the Simpsons‘ new parody of…The Passion Of The Christ.
  • And the kicker, in case any animaniacs are still lurking on the sidelines, she says of American Dad, “it is to The Simpsons what Japanese anime is to Disney’s Fantasia: fashionable, but crude and cheaply drawn in comparison.”
    Dad Is a C.I.A. Operative, the Kids Have a Weird Pet [nyt]