Stack Of Unposted Posts Celebrates 3-Day Anniversary

I’ve been crunching on an offline deadline, and I’ve barely even read these, much less thought and posted about them:

  • How to Make a Movie About 9/11? Carefully: Unfortunately, careful isn’t usually the stuff of great Hollywood drama, but of compromised, templated biopics. As for “the most basic creative dilemma” being whether to show the planes hitting the towers, this footage, this imagery was arbitrarily sacralized so quickly, this taboo theology has accreted on it. The media equivalent of The Footprints, it’s an unsuitable vessel for the emotions and memories and eventual understanding of September 11th.
    On the other hand, The Great New Wonderful, directed by Danny Leiner, sounds promising. It’s set well after the Sept. 11th attacks, which is far more interesting, uncharted (in film) emotional territory. Plus, he did Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

  • Hollywood Welcomes New Crop of Moguls: Always on the lookout for a crop of new somethings, Sharon Waxman finds people who are trying to make small fortunes in the film business using their big fortunes from elsewhere. A business model after my own heart. Now, if I only owned the Mavericks…
  • question: is the URL in the first story intentionally 20atta.html? Because the URL in the second is 19rich.html. Just asking….