From The Two Ends Of The Online Viewing Spectrum

86theonions_nec.jpgNever the innovator, apparently, NEC commissioned a series of sponsored short films which debuted last fall. The theme(s)? “Ubiquitous” and “U Can Change.” Let me just say, that slogan’s no “Art of Speed.” I guess they think it works alright in Japanese.
Anyway, Venice, CA punk agency 86 the Onions produced a batch, which look to me like Western parodies of nonsensical Japanese commercials. “Cocoon” or “Karaoke” are probably the best, although the latter’s too long. My favorite is “Wedding”; it’s got a smart surprise ending. [Reading the making of story at adland, no one’ll be surprised to learn they came up with the ideas in 24 hours, and shot them in like a week. I hope they got paid a fortune.]
Meanwhile, the trailer’s online for Lars von Trier’s Manderlay. Hmm? Something about slavery? Whatever, it’s a shoe-in for La Palme d’Feelgood at Cannes.

adland: 86 the onions make ubiquitous campaign for NEC Japan
Shorts for NEC Ubiquitous, by 86 the Onions
Lars von Trier’s Manderlay [, via robotwisdom]