Wreading Writers’ Weblogs

Used to be when Roger Avary was the only screenwriter with a weblog. No more. Here are three other screenwriters’ blogs that are well worth reading:

  • JohnAugust.com: In addition to film credits such as Go, Big Fish, and the upcoming remake of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, August answered script-related questions for years on imdb’s message forums. His weblog consolidates all these resources into one, happy spot.
  • The Artful Writer, by co-authors Craig Mazin and Ted Elliott, strikes a very serious-sounding note by focusing on “information, theory, and debate for the professional television and film writer.” One recent post, though, is an insightful and entertaining glossary of comedy writing terms [part I, part II], developed by the Zucker brothers and Jim Abraham to help “explain to each other why we’re wrong.”
  • Meanwhile, John Rogers (from Cosby to Catwoman has been assembling an excellent collection of comedy writing jargon, too, at his blog, Kung Fu Monkey.