On Making Movies With No Money, Or Less

  • Bosnian filmmaker Jasmina Tesanovic writes in the latest issue of Make Magazine about turning her website, Diary of a Political Idiot, into a documentary–while her city, Belgrade, was being bombed by NATO forces in 1999.
    The schedule for each of the 19 days of shooting was determined by which sector of the city had power at any given moment. Editing took place on machinery cobbled together from a bombed out TV station, and the film was smuggled out to the Venice film festival and German TV by a couple of blondes carrying “a car full of Walt Disney cartoons.”
    How to make a film without money, while being bombed [pdf, makezine via boingboing]
    Meanwhile, in other, suddenly much less dire-sounding filmmaking news, the NY Times resports that fledging filmmakers who’ve spent between $0 and $1 million on their projects, only to find no commercial success, are variously moving back in with their parents, working dayjobs in the industry, or looking forward to attending high school. Go figure.

    Join a Revolution. Make Movies. Go Broke.