The Number I Want To Know: Libeskind’s Net From The 9/11 Memorial Racket

Grr. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse: the cloying, dishonest schmaltzfest of a master plan put forward for the WTC site by Pataki’s democracy organ grinder monkey Danny Libeskind, or the de facto plan that eviscerated it, the one that’s actually being built under political cover of Libeskind’s handiwork.
Then, I read about a 9/11 memorial he built in Padua, Italy, which uses the same bogus, headbanging numerological symbolism to beat its message into visitors heads–in this case, the debunked email spasm that claimed Nostradamus predicted the 9/11 attacks–and I feel relief that that opportunistic little Minstrel of Death won’t leave a fingerprint on my city. [via archinect]