Colonial, Williamsburg. Williamsburg, Colonial.

Living in both towns for a few years, I should be used to this by now, but it never fails to amuse. The Washington Post dispatched a correspondent to uncover rumors of hipness in Williamsburg. Brooklyn. You know, to distinguish it from the expensively fabricated, “keepin’ it real” dress-up themepark built with lots of parental money:

… Grand Street is a rich gallery row: The “chess set” of pedophiles and their victims at Ch’i disturbed; a collection of deli coffee cups at City Reliquary amused; and Martin Gurfein’s kaleidoscopic scenes of daily life at the Hogar Collection dazzled….
…I assumed that the gig by Montreal’s Bell Orchestre would be a casual CD-hawking session in a corner of the shop. But Sound Fix hides a back room that’s like a slice of fin-de-sicle Vienna, a dimly lighted, sofa-filled bar/coffeehouse with pressed-tin walls. It was crammed with Billyburgers who clearly knew of the band…

With this much hipness sloshing around the scene, I predict that one day soon, someone will write a book about one of these young, edgy, emerging musicians, and it will be a smash.
No, Not That Williamsburg [wp via gawker]