I Guess It Depends On What You’re Searching For

Back in the day (Feb. 2002, that is), I requested clearance to use “Google” as a verb and to show search results screenshots in my first short. The head of Google’s marketing sent me an email saying it was a-ok, and wishing me good luck.
Now it turns out Google’s founders Larry and Sergey bankrolled half the sub-$1mm budget for Stanford friend and Dreamworks CG animator Reid Gershbein’s first live-action feature film, Broken Arrows. The fils is described as “the story of a man who loses his pregnant wife in a terrorist attack and then takes a job as a hit man.” [Clearly, I was searching Google for the wrong thing. From now on, please formulate your requests appropriately.]
According to Gershbein’s production blog, they just screened a rough cut for team members last week, and they’re starting audio, effects, and music editing next month.
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