On Making Music For Prairie Home Companion

On WETA, the DC public radio station, Sunday night, Mary Tripp, the reporter for a program called Out and About, interviewed some of the musicians who performed in Robert Altman’s upcoming Prairie Home Companion.
The band members are used to live performance and to studio recording, so their perspective is at once professional and distinct. And given the subject of the film, it’s a relevant and interesting window Altman’s work process and life on his set. Garrison Keillor actively bugs, but the rest of the cast–and Altman and PT Anderson–are enough for me to overcome my PHC antipathy and be stoked about the film.
And even though they also wrongly bullied Rex over his Prairie Ho Companion t-shirts.
You can listen to the June 4 episode of Out and About for at least this week at weta.org [weta.org]