Gerhard Richter’s Stained Glass Window For The Cologne Cathedral


It took over 600 years to complete [from 1248 t- 1880], so it should surprise absolutely no one that it takes the Cologne Cathedral [or Kölner Dom] over 60 years to fix a broken window.
Gerhard Richter has been commissioned to recreate a 20m tall window for the Cathedral’s south transverse; the original was blown out during World War II, and the design was lost. The new Richter window will consist of 11,500 handblown glass squares about 10cm each, in 72 different colors; the design was inspired by Richter’s 1974 presciently pixellated painting, 4,096 Colors, which has been overlaid onto window’s original Gothic mullions and tracery.
The top donors to the window’s fabrication costs [estimated at 350-400,000 euros] at the end of the year will receive a signed thank you memento from Richter, as well as invites to the Spring 2007 dedication. [I’d certainly hope so.]
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