Bush Campaigns Cruises For NASCAR Daddies?


If liberal bloggers start seeing The Gay Conspiracy everywhere, too, does that count as progress?
Because that’s the prevailing interpretation on Americablog for the Sforzian Backdrop of this Stephanopoulos-Bush interview [hot George-on-George action?]. That rainbow flag-looking thing hovering over Bush’s head is probably not a subliminal Big Tent signal to Gannon Republicans, though; considering the interview took place at Victory Junction, Kyle Petty’s NASCAR-themed camp for terminally ill conservative children.
It’s the hood of a rainbow-striped car, a trophy which was seized after all the other drivers formed a mob to run the flamboyantly homosexual driver Jeff Gordon out of town. Next on the list: Jimmy Dean’s sausage [sic].
[an even better explanation, and not just because it might actually be true: it’s a rainbow flag with the word pace on it, which is just like pace cars in NASCAR. What’re the odds? And apparently, it means “peace” in Italian, too, who knew?]
Bush uses gay rights flag as backdrop for ABC interview [americablog via man [heh.]]