“This Is One Of Those Things That Could Only Happen In D.C.”

By which she means, I assume, that only in DC could virtuoso violinist Joshua Bell perform at a subway station during rush hour and be recognized by only one of the six people who stopped for more than a moment to listen.
It was a stunt concocted by the Washington Post which, at first, I thought was brilliant. But the more I think about it–especially considering the title of the article–the more I think it was a condescending slap by a paper that has very little claim to cultural awareness itself, never mind superiority.
Pearls Before Breakfast [washpost via tpm]
[update from the Saw Lady’s blog: “The thing is Joshua Bell is a great violinist but he doesn’t know how to busk…A busker is someone who can turn any place into a stage. Obviously, Joshua Bell needs an actual stage.” ]