Crate & Burial: UnterGunther’s Pantheon Workshop


It looks like the RISD Mall Dwellers have some stiff, French competition. Via UX frontman and UnterGunther spokesman Lazar Kunstmann comes this most excellent photo of the crates the guerilla restorers used to camouflage their workshop in the Pantheon, the mausoleum of the stars in Paris.
I would totally buy one of these–or two, really, since you’d want a matching pair–if they were exhibited and made available, say, as an art edition. And how cool would it be to have a little mantle-sized replica of the 19th-century clock movement the group repaired while hiding behind those crates for a year? Though I really do like the idea of urban exploring for fun and country, not fun and profit. Still, a guy can dream. [thanks, Lazar!]
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