La France n’est pas amusee at UnterGunther

You don’t need to read French to get the gist of the Le Monde headline about how government prosecutors’ thrown-together case against UnterGunther for secretly restoring a 150-yo clock in the Pantheon is doing: “la patrie… très énervée”
Four members of the group were charged with damaging a gate while entering the Pantheon–with a Japanese TV crew in tow, who caught the whole thing on tape [and probably in HD to boot.]
Honestly, if I ever wrote a courtroom drama with the prosecutor saying, “On se croirait un peu dans un jeu de rôle, avec des chevaliers. Vous devez cesser de jouer !” [“It feels like a role-play, with knights. You should stop playing!”] I’d fire myself. And yet, there it is.
Aux intrus, la patrie… très énervée [, also Google translation]
11/26 update: UK coverage of the case: ‘Cultural guerrillas’ cleared of lawbreaking over secret workshop in Pantheon [guardian uk, thanks lazar]
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