The Politico Does Not Permit The Expensing Of Unapproved Hostess Gifts

“The guys from The Politico brought her [my mom, Cindy McCain] flowers, which I still think is the most adorable thing ever, so thank you. I thought it was so cute that they decided to bring my mom flowers, because it’s rare; they are journalists. [laughs]”
That’s my favorite line from Meghan McCain’s video of the Memorial Day weekend BBQ her parents hosted for the DC press corps at their ranch in Sedona. The first time I heard it, I thought Meghan was being a snob about how poor journalists’ manners are.
But after seeing how she’s so kind towards the help–the family’s chef is a “longtime friend” and the caretaker couple at the ranch are “our other really good friend[s]”–I realized she wasn’t being snobby or mean, just the opposite.
The wheels of Washington journalism are greased by a vast supply of hostess gifts, but many news outlets refuse to reimburse reporters who buy their hostess gifts instead of using something from the company’s official hostess gift closet.
Of course, it would have been equally adorable and cute if they had made Cindy something themselves; a loaf of banana bread, perhaps, or a mosaicked flower pot in the colors of the Southwestern desert?