Live By The Sforza, Die By The Sforza?

As a student of Sforzian backdrops, this scenario being discussed here is almost too… and yet…
Did the GOP really use:
– an image of the main building at Walter Reed
– only it’s not the Army’s Walter Reed Medical Center but
– Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood
– that looks like a giant Mediterranean-style mansion, perhaps the McCain’s place in Palm Beach?
– And which has a giant green lawn
– that ends up recreating the horrible green backdrop of McCain’s speech the night Obama took the nomination?
– and which has been used as a location for filming Malcolm in the Middle, Growing Pains, and Transformers?
It’s like the Sforzian equivalent of blinking out a secret message in Morse code: O-B-A-M-A.
related? A WSJ profile of McCain’s creative director and the guy responsible for “the planning of the program and the production of the videos shown [at the convention],” “Hollywood” Fred Davis []