Black & White & Read All Over

via Artforum:

At its May meeting, the College Art Association board of directors made difficult decisions on behalf of the esteemed organization, including strategic budget reductions and other measures. These have been instituted throughout the association to balance the budget and keep core programs, publications, and services in operation. The annual conference in Chicago in 2010 will be reduced by one day. CAA News will only be distributed online in a new design. The Art Bulletin and Art Journal will continue to be published. Illustrations, however, will be limited to black-and-white for 2009-2010, except where editorial and budget decisions may allow the insertion of color. [emphasis added]

Perhaps the CAA could agree to only publish articles about black & white art: Franz Kline, Irving Penn, early Cindy Sherman, Hans Namuth [but no Pollock], Twombly, Anastasi, Kosuth–or would Kosuth’s photostats take up too much toner?
Hey, what about late Warhol?