77 Million Paintings On The Sydney Opera House, By Brian Eno

image via flickr by RobieRob

Composer Brian Eno is projecting some of the 77 million iterations of his 77 Million Paintings series onto the Sydney Opera House as part of the Luminous Festival.
The Festival, which Eno is also curating, consists of three weeks of performances, talks, and exhibitions. It runs through June 14.
I’m not a huge fan of Eno’s painting, necessarily, but it looks pretty fantastic in the photos that have hit flickr so far. I’ve got a short list of buildings which should have art projected on them, and I was wrong not to include Utzon’s opera house.
That said, once the infrastructure’s in place to project Eno’s work, it should be equally possible to project other artists’ works, too. I know he has 77 million works to get through, but maybe Eno could have curated someone besides himself into his big show?
Luminous Festival, curated by Brian Eno [sydneyoperahouse.com via city of sound]