DDOS Cannot Silence Awesome Christopher Hawthorne LiveTweet

LA Times architecture critic Christopher Hawthorne delivered a mordantly hilarious stream of live Twitter updates from a Sci-Arc panel discussion last night. I’ll be damned if I can comment on it, and I’m not sure I can even link to it all, but it is awesome.
The show started with Anthony Vidler talking old-school Freudian smack–complete with accent–about Schindler/Neutra, Neutra/Schindler, or vice versa. And then he moderated a “architects in LA”-type discussion among Hitoshi Abe, Peter Cook, Eric Owen Moss, Thom Mayne, Peter Noever, and Wolf Prix.
My favorite is right toward the end *SPOILER ALERT*: “The philosophical–not to mention gen.–homogeneity of panel is astounding. Guess that was predictable, but still. Hoping Hitoshi Abe can……rescue us from Boomer avant-gardism.”
Help me, Hitoshi Abe, you’re LA’s only hope. I hope Sci-Arc puts this thing on YouTube…
Schindler / Neutra, Neutra / Schindler; L.A. / Wien: On the Couch [sciarc.edu]